Maintenance & Repair CBD Salve

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350mg of CBD + Arnica and Herbs
Our Maintenance & Repair Salve is an effective way to relax and rejuvenate muscles and joints both inside and outside of the gym. A balm with a light, pleasant scent, this robust formula is comprised of CBD and nine herbs that are known for their ability to promote fresh blood flow.

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Ingredients: 350mg of CBD, arnica, calendula, camphor essential oil, cayenne, lavender essential oil, menthol crystals, rue, St. John’s Wort and wintergreen essential oil.


Similar to the application of most topical salves, apply a thin layer to the area where you’re experiencing discomfort and gently massage it into your skin. Repeat as needed throughout the day allowing for at least 2-3 hours in between applications.

5 reviews for Maintenance & Repair CBD Salve

  1. Evan Ellenbogen

    Absolutely fabulous product. I am an avid yogi and regularly walk 5+ miles a day in flip flops. This salve is a life saver at the end of my practice and the end of my walks. It is very helpful with dry and cracking skin on the feet, I’ve noticed positive results with skin conditions and warts, and a complete shift in the overall ache and strain of my body when adding in this repair salve to any part of the body. I share it regularly and have heard positive results with rheumatoid arthritis and when being applied acutely for migraines and/or headaches. This truly is the wonder salve!!

  2. Michele T.

    My sister gave me some for an arthritic knuckle. I work on a computer all day. It’s helped so much that I’m purchasing a supply of my own.

  3. Anja W.

    I use this to treat my dyshidrotic eczema and my hands. I had a pretty bad flare up when I started using it and it completely fixed it in 3 days!! Amazing! While it doesn’t heal the condition it keeps it in check just like steroids would without the nasty side effects. Can’t wait to tell my dermatologist how I treat it now 😉 Wonderful product. Highly recommend. It lasts a good while also.

  4. Bradley D Joiner

    I’ve been using this since it first came out I will not switch my wife my kids my mother in law my mom we use it for everything cuts pain it doesn’t matter this product is way beyond anything I have ever used

  5. David Bello

    I am a new purchaser, and believer, in CBD products. I was about to give up after two failed

    and dissatisfied attempts with other products until Evan E. led me on the right path to RW.

    I have been using the salve with great relief for a number of different pain issues. Thank you

    Evan E. and thank you RW for making my days much more tolerable. I strongly recommend

    RW salve to anyone with joint, arthritis and muscle pain.

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