RW Invites You to Redefine Wellness…for Yourself

RW Invites You to Redefine Wellness…for Yourself

A Reawakening of the Inner Physician

RW is a thoughtfully curated line of cannabidiol (CBD) and herbal-infused products developed for the sophisticated, health-conscious consumer.  Our consumers are people on the hunt for innovative and effective ways to awaken their inner physicians.  At RW, we honor that no two individuals’ experiences are the same.  We encourage the consumer to experiment and identify what is most helpful to re-connecting to her body’s innate intelligence and self-healing process.  

A Reemergence of Herbalism

Herbalism is a timeless art form.  Yet we can all feel the unmistakeable reemergence of herbalism into our current culture.  It’s 2018, and we are experiencing a collective remembering of the wisdom that our ancestors have amassed and passed down for us to use in advanced, highly specialized ways today.  RW is firmly planted at the forefront of this New Herbalism movement.  RW’s formulas contain next-level combinations of Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbal recipes, enhanced by high concentrations of CBD.    

A Reformulation of Wellness

RW is transforming ancient healing formulas into daily wellness products that compliment and enhance our modern lifestyles.  RW’s products were specifically created to promote mental, emotional and physical flexibility.  When we are flexible in our lives, stress becomes manageable, no longer reaching the point of trauma and injury.  

Create a flexible and active lifestyle for yourself, and bask in the warmth of the journey towards self-healing.