Optimize Tonic

Optimize includes six herbs known for their various abilities
to stimulate blood flow, soothe spasms, and nourish tendons

Maintenance & Repair Salve

Relax and rejuvenate muscles and joints both inside and outside of the gym.

Why RW?

At Real Wellness, we are skilled, pioneering herbalists who empower you to catalyze your mind, body and spirit into a greater state of balance. By blending the ancient art of herbalism with the therapeutic power of premium cannabis, we are disrupting Western medicine to help you unlock your body’s innate healing properties and awaken your inner physician. Only you understand what you are feeling and what you need. Wherever you’d like your journey of self-healing to lead, our all-natural cannabis-infused medicinals are specifically formulated to restore balance, relax the mind, relieve pain and renew the soul. An herbalized life is an optimized life.

I’ve been using the RW salve on my ankles, I suffer from edema due to congestive heart failure. All I have to say is thank you! I rubbed a little around my heart and my heart rate dropped which was good…So not only did it drop my heart rate but it has been keeping the edema in my feet and ankles away.


This product has changed our 11 year son’s life. He is on medication for ADD and anxiety. The cbd oil has made it so he no longer has stomach aches, is happier and more cooperative. We are so grateful for this product.


Your tonic is amazing!  After years of suffering from lupus and fibromyalgia I have found something that actually works for pain, and it’s natural, which is a huge plus! I don’t like to take opiates for pain and with regular use of this tonic, I’ve been able to cut them out almost completely!